Bariatric Surgeons

With 15 different doctors who specialize in bariatric surgery los angeles procedures, whatever your beauty or body goals may be, Beverly Oaks Surgery has the tools to help you obtain them.  Our specialist surgeons have what it takes to make your dreams of losing weight, achieving younger looking skin, enhancing your body, relieving pain and more a reality. 

Weight Loss Services

  • Less Downtime

    Beverly Oaks Surgery Center ensures that your procedure is less invasive, fast, comfortable, and requires less downtime by using today's most advanced surgical equipment and techniques.

  • Financing

    We are pleased to offer special payment financing to patients who are unable to pay the full cost of a procedure upfront. Learn more about our financing process today.

  • Consultation

    If you would like one-on-one time to speak with a surgeon about your desired procedure, call Beverly Oaks Surgery today to schedule your free initial consultation.